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Electric Motors Repairs

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Electric Motors Repairs

We will be glad to provide you with the high quality industrial motors repairs and improvements that will maximize their productivity. With some tons of different parts in our stock and many years of experience of our technicians, we will be able to do that as fast as it is just possible. Prior to the a pump to leave the shop we do run a run test for pumps with required liquids like water, coolant, oil... We also give you a year warranty on any types of repairs.

We do repair of all types of motors including:

• brushless motors
• ac spindle motors
• high speed spindle motors
• disk motors
• pancake motors
• permanent magnet motors
• ac induction motors
• wire wound stators
• squirrel cage rotor bars
• wire wound rotors
• formed coils stators
• slip ring motors
• dc shunt wound motors
• schrage motors
• open frame motors
• and more...

We offer a variety of repair services including:

For motors

• Winding Analysis
• Magnetizing
• Machining
• Balancing
• Infrared Analysis
• Feedback devices repair
• Run tests
and more...

We repair/replace feedback devices as:

• Encoders
• Tachometers
• Resolvers

Motor that was rewinded by our company

250HP Motor during the rewinding process in our head facility